Pupdate: Adopted!
Holly is an 8 pound, white/tan Maltese female. She is about 6 to 8 months old. She was up for adoption before, but after a few attempts to match her with a family didn’t work out, her foster mom decided she needed more work before being adopted.
Holly is not a typical bubbly, friendly, in-your-face Maltese. She is very timid. She needs a family that has the patience to work to gain her trust. When we reach down to pet her she still backs away. She does not like to be picked up, but she will jump up on the bed and couch with us and let us pet her. 
Holly gets along with other dogs. She is playful, but sometimes bigger dogs play too rough for her. A medium to small dog would be ideal. She is able to learn from other dogs and follows them which helps her in opening up. I am not sure how she is with cats. She has learned to enjoy going for walks and is good on a leash with a harness.
She is working on potty training and is pretty good with puppy pads.
Holly is a wonderful dog. She has warmed up to us a lot. She wants to be with people and follows us around, but we are letting her set the pace. We don’t push her and we are very careful not to startle her. She loves toys as well as shoes, socks, action figures and more. She will go into a room and then we see her run out at top speed with a treasure she has found.
She does not like the car or meeting new people. I don’t think she will be the kind of dog to take on errands or to visit friends or family.
She definitely would not be a good first dog for anyone because her new family will need to go slow to gain her trust and be understanding of what it means to have a very shy dog. Smaller children would be too scary for her she might bite if backed into a corner.
Holly would be a wonderful addition to the right family.
Please fill out an application at http://www.tucsonscauseforcanines.org