Pupdate: Adoption Pending!

Hi, I am Richie. I am a 1 1/2 year old male Cocker Spaniel. My people grew bored with me and didn’t want me anymore. My sister got adopted by a great family and she does all sorts of girl stuff, but I’m not into playing with dolls. I need to have another dog in the house for a best friend. I am playful, energetic, curious, love going for walks, snuggling in bed with you, hanging out and playing with toys. I love to get hugs and snuggles and attention more than anything in the world.
I have not been allowed to be in a people house very much since my other people didn’t want me around, so I’m not completely potty trained, yet. I’m doing very well and I already know how to use puppy pads! I love when you give me praise and love for doing something good.
I am not the kind of dog who should be left outside all day. My hair is trimmed short right now because I didn’t get brushed very much and it was really matted, but it will grow. If you keep me clean & brushed you won’t believe how long and luxurious my hair will be.
I adore kids, big people, other dogs and am pretty respectful of the 4lb. Chihuahua living at my foster mom’s house, so I will probably be able to be taught to get along with a cat.

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