Pupdate: Adopted!

Hi! My name is Pip (female Chi) as in Pipperoni. I am incredibly tiny at 3.5 pounds and fully grown at age 5. That could change the longer my foster mom hangs onto me because I love food and she is a little bit indulgent. If you fill out an application to be considered as my new mom or dad, my current foster mom can text you a video of me eating chicken. I am a silly wiggly thing. My ideal situation would be one other tiny dog who is very mellow or I would like to be an only dog. I am a little bit fearful of other dogs because I am so little. Currently, I’m living with two 10 lbs dogs and one 5 lb dog. My foster mom does not know how I am around children but it is recommended that I be in a home with older, gentle children because I am so tiny. You have to shuffle your feet in the house so you don’t step on me. I would like to sleep in bed with you and I’ll need a ramp. I can’t jump far. I love, love, love to play with little toys and chew your fingers. I’m serious, I think they’re delicious. I enjoyed being held and riding on your shoulder. I’m working on enjoying the leash but I’d much rather you carry me. I’m not much of a barker but sometimes I growl at people when I’m in the car. I think I’m a little bit tough behind the safety of glass. I am working on potty training and have a small bladder. I spin when I’m very excited. Please consider me if you are looking for some special pup who will make you laugh every day.

Please fill out an application at http://www.tucsonscauseforcanines.org/adoption-application/