My name is Pamona but my foster mom calls me stitches! . I’ve had a “ruff” start to life because my previous owners didn’t treat me and my siblings so good BUT that hasn’t slowed me down one bit! I just got my stitches out yesterday , hence the name stitches
My foster mama has shown me in just the short amount of time that I’ve been with her, what love is. What cuddles are and that bigger dogs are my friend, my foster brother is a 120 pound Doberman and my foster sister is a 30 pound pit bull and I love them all! So if my forever home has other pups, I’d love that!
I’m a snuggle bug! I like to lay on the couch and watch movies with you, every once in a while I’ll try to lick your big toe, my foster mom thinks its so funny because she laughs until she cries.
I’m getting used to walks and I’m getting the hang of that collar and leash thing. I’m used to going potty on the little white pads all over the floor, foster mom calls them pads. But if I have a back door, I go right outside to potty especially if it stays open for me to use. I’m also crate trained! I like to think of it as my safe place
Some things still scare me, like loud noises but I’m trying real hard to be brave.
I know that with a little more TLC and those yummy treats my foster mom gives me, I’ll be the perfect new addition to your family!

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