Howdy! My name is Bronxen (pronounced Bronsen) Augustus, but mostly my people call me Bronx. I am a male mastiff/ Rhodesian ridge back mix. I absolutely love licking people…it’s the best. My family taught me how to fist bump and now I taught them to pet me every time I ‘bump’ them! When I was little I survived Parvo with a nice foster family at Tucson’s Cause. I love my family and they love me, but after 4 years of happiness they just can’t keep me anymore and we are all really sad…but they tell me another family is going to love me lots too…I can’t wait to meet them. They should really like rubbing my chest…ahhh….that makes me smile! I like to play ‘keep away’ but people sometimes have too much energy and I just need to lay down and take a break. Nothing better than chewing on a good bone – but I don’t like chewing on furniture and icky stuff like that. There is a cat that lives with us and she’s pretty cool but when she runs I want to play chase and she sort of freaks out…but who understands cats? Did I mention I love napping? YAWN….time for one now….please fill out an application at