Winston Pupdate: Adopted!

Hi! My name is Winston. My foster family thinks I’m a Doberman (a smaller one) and that I’m probably 6 months old. I’m really sweet and very smart. I’m potty trained and will politely stand at the door when I need to go out. I’m still learning commands but with a little practice I’m going to have them all down. I love playing with my foster dog brother and sister. The cats don’t want to wrestle so I leave them alone. I love toys and need lots of things to chew or I might find something you don’t want me to chew on, like a shoe, because I am a puppy and my grown up teeth are still coming in. As long as my toys are stocked, your shoes are safe. I love children and grown ups, so much I sometimes get excited and jump. This can overwhelm little children, so be willing to work with me as both your child and I grow up if you have small children. My foster family crates me while they are at work and that’s ok, but I much prefer to have them around. I’m still learning to walk nicely on a leash bit I’m small enough so you don’t have to be a body builder to walk me. I will talk to you if I have something to say, but I’m not a big barker. If you crate me and I see you, I’ll probably whine, but after you are gone I do quiet down. My foster family thinks I’m the sweetest, super smart, easy going, very trainable and deserve the best forever home there is! Please fill out an application at