Zulu here! But my friends call me Zoo. I seem to be in need of a new home. I had a family but due to a conflict between their current furry housemate and myself, I need to find a new one. It’s not that I don’t like other dogs, I just prefer they be more my size and friendly so we can play! And I need my own space to enjoy my meals. I love kids and pretty much every people I’ve met so far. My temporary home also has cats which I don’t mind. There’s this people in my temporary home that keeps trying to teach me stuff? I don’t really get it but I get yummy treats when I do what I’m asked so I oblige sometimes. She gave me my own “room” that she calls a kennel. I like it in there. It’s where I go for peace and quiet or to enjoy a good kibble or chewy. I will NOT potty in the house. But please don’t leave me outside too long when I need to go because I don’t like being out there alone. I love walks though! So much fun stuff to see and smell. That’s my favorite. If you think we might be good housemates, have your people call my people and we can meet! Please fill out an application at http://www.tucsonscauseforcanines.org/adoption-application/