Ralphy Pupdate: Adopted!

Hey all, I’m Ralphy! I’m a 3 month old Husky Lab mix! I am just a very playful pup, my foster mom says I’m a very good boy! I’ve been working on my potty and kennel training, I like to talk in my kennel at first but I fall asleep after a few minutes. As long as I’m let out regularly I do not potty in the house, and I know I’m supposed to go outside! But I am just a baby, so sometimes I have an accident. I am a very chatty pup, especially when its meal time ( I mean I am part Husky so that’s what I’m supposed to do right?!) I love to tell you how excited I am when you come home from work!! I already know how to sit, and I will do pretty much anything for a tasty snack! I love all my foster brothers and sisters, though sometimes I get too excited and they have to correct me! I am working on not chewing on things that don’t belong to me, but as long as I have chews down for me I prefer those! I’d love a family with other pups for me to play with, I haven’t met kids yet but I’m still a baby so as long as they can teach me not to chew on fingers and jump I’m sure they’d love me! If you’d love a chatty puppy then I’m the one for you! Please fill out an application at http://www.tucsonscauseforcanines.org/adoption-application/