Jones Pupdate: Adopted!

Hi Guys! My name is Jonesy and I’m a male Red Lab! I’m fiercely loyal and love being by your side at all times. Currently, my foster mom puts me in the crate when she isdn’t home. I don’t love it and need a treat and some help to get into it. Once I’m in it, I’m totally okay. I usually take a nap or play with my toy when crated. I love to carry around a toy in my mouth so my ideal home would have lots of stuffed animals. I’m still working on potty training – although I have it pretty much down pat. Occasionally, I’ll forget I need to wait to go outside and I go near the door. It only happens once every few days. I’m looking for my forever home who will give me endless love, lots of treats and play fetch with me. I’m good with other dogs and the few children I have met, although it takes me a minute to warm up. Please fill out an application at