Marigold Pupdate: Adopted!

Hello there, my name is Marigold.

I am a 13 week old female Lab mix and I don’t mean to boast but I am pretty awesome. Took me two days to be potty trained and use a doggie door, happy to say no accidents in the house since then. I am feed three times a day (7/12/6p) and I finish all my food but I do like to stick a paw in my water dish as I drink, but I think it’s more cute than weird.

I don’t think I like baths, but I do sit patiently and allow it all to happen and finish. I mean I get one about every three days, I do have a yellow coat and like playing outside. I do enjoy car rides, either standing up to see what’s happening out the window or laying down and just enjoying the ride and wind. Going on walks is hit or miss, sometimes I am fine other times I simply won’t move (you can call me weird on that one) but I do seem to like other dogs because I motion every time one walks by as if I want to play with them.

I really enjoy company and meeting new people especially kids, what can I say I love attention. I am also like those happy chickens, both free range and cage free but probably because I don’t chew anything up or cause messes, but I also have my favorite toys to play with and keep me busy. In other words, I like to be spoiled!

I sleep through the night on a homemade floor doggie bed next to my fosters bed, I don’t bark when I wake up and normally I am sitting patiently when my foster finally wakes up to be let out for the bathroom. Best part is I sometimes get to then go back to sleep but on the big bed next to my foster.

In closing, how could you not want to adopt me… I mean, look at me! Please fill out an application at