Coyote Ugly Pupdate: Adopted!

My name is Coyote Ugly and I am an 18 lb Chihuahua/small breed mix. I have spent the last year in foster care learning how to be a house dog and trust humans. My foster family believes I was a street dog who had minimal people interaction. I have tried so very hard this past year to be a good girl and let my foster family show me love. I still get nervous sometimes, especially when there are loud noises or someone touches my backside. I do sometimes yelp and run away but my foster family always reassure me and make me feel better. It is unknown how much more time I will need to acclimate to home life. I have come so far this year and have discovered how great love and food are! I also really like my kennel. I like to take all the toys in there and its where I like to go when I am uncomfortable. I do get zooms here and there and like to be goofy when I think no one is watching. I don’t mind cats as long as they don’t mind me and I prefer dogs my size who are playful but won’t try to mount me or jump on my back (they scares me). I think a home with little kids would be too much for me to handle. My foster mom thinks there might just be a calm, patient, loving home out there for me where I can continue to thrive and enjoy life. Please fill out an application at