Pippa Pupdate: Adopted!

Hello, I’m Pippa, named after the sister to the duchess of Cambridge.  It makes sense to me, because I’m a little four-legged princess (ahem, in only the best ways of course!).  I thought I had my forever owners pinned down, but just when you think you had it made, life takes a detour.  Of course, it wasn’t my fault at all, oh no!  I blame the humans and their complicated lives.  Anyways, I’m looking for a new nurturing family to give me the TLC I crave.  I’m a little schnoodle (isn’t that the cutest name for a mixed breed??), going on 6 years.  In my former life, I would always be in the same room as my human and will never turn down an opportunity for a belly rub or to sit on a lap.  I am bonded at the hip with my adopted sister, Vinca (also a canine available for adoption, wink, wink), and love to play with her and run around the yard hunting cats.  I assume I would like children, but don’t have a whole lot of experience in that department.  I get very attached to humans, but like most royalty, I’m selective about who I let into my circle at first.  Please fill out an adoption application online at http://www.tucsonscauseforcanines.org/adoption-application/.