Ginger is roughly 7 years old and would do best in an only pet home with a retiree or someone who has a lot of time to spend with her. She loves walks but also loves to just cuddle. She was abused or neglected before we got her (we were told she was 6 when we got her and we have had her 1 year), and still shows effects from it. She is very submissive to people, but is also protective of her food and her space from other animals. She tolerates cats if they don’t bother her and their food and water is separate. She does good with kids if they don’t yell at her or roughhouse with her. She is housebroken (provided she is let out regularly) but also gets very nervous and has accidents during storms or when reprimanded. We have not tried to crate her. She needs someone with patience, who is gentle and quiet, who has the time to make her feel safe. Please fill out an application at