Robb and Bran Pupdate: Adopted!

Hello, our names are Robb (grey) and Bran (brown). We are 5 months old male husky mix’s. TCFC rescued us after some kind people saw us living in the desert. We had a bunch of cactus in us when we first came in. Since they we have healed up. We are great in our kennels. When our foster mom says kennel or bedtime we run into them. Of course, we think we need a treat every time. We are almost all the way potty trained. Occasionally we have an accident in the house if we get busy playing. We bark at night in our kennel if we need to potty. Sticks are an awesome toy and water is fun to play in. Baths are not fun though. We are one of our fosters favorite because we listen well and are so sweet. We do need slow eaters for eating and to be fed separate. Due to living in the desert we don’t really like sharing with other dogs. We recently learned how to walk on leash and have done really well. If you are looking for an adventure buddy, we are your guys. We do not need to be adopted together even though that would be awesome. Please fill out an application at