Peanut Pupdate: Adopted!

Hello I’m widdle Peanut, 3yo boy, 6lbs. My family abandoned me and moved away but they took my brother. Idk why they didn’t take me? I love people, dogs, cats, kids. I lived on my own for a whole month in a housing complex. Every night I would go door to door and ask for food and a bed. Sometimes I would get one but sometimes I would just have to hide somewhere. Then a nice lady noticed I needed help and asked the rescue to come help me. My foster says I love to be in the home but when I go out I think I’m supposed to run and hide so she keeps an eye on me. I like to wear stylish clothing if you have some. I also like to run on 3 legs because I think it makes me faster. I talk too! But it sounds like I’m growling. Please fill out an application at