Russel Pupdate: Adopted!

How’s it going?! I’m Russel a.k.a. Rusty Tater! I’m a big goofy 1 yr old male lab/rottie mix! I’m quite a social guy, and get along with dogs big and small, but for some dogs I can come off a little strong, so I’m looking for a family whose dog is down to play ALL the time! I’ve met some kitties, and I’m still trying to figure them out, but mom says they are friends so friends we are! (I can be a little over interested in my new feline friends, especially if they run around, for the first few days in my new home…Don’t worry, I’ve met the claws and know to respect them!) There are LOTS of kids from ages 2-6 in the home and friends that just come over and I just love them! But my foster mom does have to watch and make sure when I start getting rough I take it outside so I don’t knock over my little humans! I’m still working on my basic manners and learning new tricks, but I’m getting better and better every day! I am 100% kennel trained, and as long as I’m watched, and let out frequent enough, I don’t tend to have accidents. I do sleep in my kennel overnight since I do occasionally have an accident overnight, and I do just fine, I know that’s my quite happy spot. If you think I sound like just what you’ve been looking for, lets meet up and play!

Please fill out an application at

Adoption fee includes microchip, rabies, dhpp and spay/neuter.