Rio Pupdate:Adopted!

Hi there, I am Rio. I’m a tall black lab mix. I was with TCFC as a puppy and everybody loved me. I got adopted pretty fast and for the next year I had a wonderful owner who trained me with all the essentials. I came back to foster care through no fault of my own. My owner had some legal issues and grandma couldn’t take care of me and the grandkids. I’ve been with my foster family for seven weeks and now I am part of the family. You can ask them anything. Just ask!

Rio is a fantastic protector and companion. He is around two years old but has an old soul. He loves walks, going to the dog park, playing ball in the back yard, getting chased and jumping on the trampoline. He is a little nervous meeting strangers but now is part of the family. He knows what is allowed and listens very well. He doesn’t jump up, beg or bark. He is energetic at times but afterward he sleeps like a log. He is heathy, and has all his shots up to date. Rio is great with kids too. Our daughter is 8 years old and Rio and her have become best friends. We have had no accidents in the house and He doesn’t chew on items (shoes, flip flops, books, recycling etc.) that are on his level. He loves to be outside and lies out there in the shade taking in his surroundings. If you are interested in meeting Rio, please reach out and I can meet and answer any questions you may have. Rio is 100% move in ready!

Please fill out an application at

Adoption fee includes microchip, rabies, dhpp and spay/neuter.