I’m a Saber Toof Tiger… RAWR!!! Nah. Just kidding 🐯 The name’s Saber and I am an approximately 3 month old kitten. I came into an emergency clinic with a nasty eye infection. Tcfc took me and my siblings in and got us all fixed up. My eye is a little cloudy, but it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I can see and get around just fine. I am an adventurous lil guy and I love to play with my big cat friends. I am definitely king of this jungle and rule over the dogs and tiny humans here. I use a litter box and sleep on my foster dad’s head. Or his boot. Whichever smells better. My favorite toy is the phone charger but they don’t let me play with that so I settle for the human child’s hair ribbons and a stuffed trout. Sometimes, I’ll let the humans nuzzle me. Might even give them a purrr. If you find yourself looking for the coolest cat ever, fill out an application and come meet me! Please fill out an application at

Adoption fee includes rabies, microchip, shop and spay/neuter.